Stock vs Vector 121015

Getting back into the grips of studying again is somewhat daunting yet throughly liberating, I've recognised my drive and thirst to research for the sake of researching just to benefit my own mind. I've also recognised that my ability to pour out synonyms at a drop of a hat is a hidden talent I've found - there are a few international students in my class, and they often ask to take photos of my notes (Not sure how they'd read it! I can barely make head or tail of it at times!) and ask the defintion of things. 

There are some interesting trends I've noticed in the past couple of years, the main one being the heightened emphasis and use of vector illustrations; using flat, bright pastel colours with lots of detail. Coming from an Illustrative background, I'm obsessed. I think it probably was incredibly apparent when all the iPhones adapted their look with the flat app designs, from the dimensional, gradient, and glossy theme. 

The use of stock photography for websites, and most general current designs has flown out the window. I love the use of the tiny little graphics to add to the content. A main use of this is in icons; replacing words at times too. I love how universal imagery can be, that regardless of language and cultural barriers, the ability to communicate through the power of design.

It's fascinating that it even stems from the use of emojis! Emojis are able to convey a message/emotion in one simple yellow face. Emoji's were invented by a Japanese man, who was inspired by weather chart icons! We all - internationally- seem to be fluent in design speak.


I recently assigned myself to respond to this research with vector illustrations that were inspired by iconic cartoons. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them! x