As a graphic designer, I do love when I get a wedding stationary request which involves something so personal and innovative that really pushes the boundaries of the traditional wedding invite.

Queue this gorgeous Northern Irish couple! AJ and Sarah have a wonderful story of their love - involving meeting on a school trip and now living in England after being together long distance for a whopping 8 years.  Both of them are musicians and I was very excited to create their idea for their invites, they wanted CD sleeves designed with record shaped and coloured invites that would fit inside the sleeves. I married the two colours that they are using for their big day - dark red and lemony cream. The  photographs from their engagement shoot were the perfect canvas to create a classy yet whimsical design.

I always enjoy attempting to brand the stationary - to create a style that can easily be transferable to all aspects of design - from table names to order of services. Playing around with typefaces is probably one of my favourite past times (sad, I know) so I played around with a lot of different swirly/elegant/wedding-y lette
rs to create the end product. I even created a pattern to go on the inside of the sleeve, sure, not many would see that or care, but I just couldn't resist. The one tough gig about this project was just the amount of time I spent with my scalpel and cutting mat, it involved a lot of fiddly cutting, scoring, and sticking but the couple absolutely loved it so it made it all worth while.