Tombow & Homer Simpson 080915

A while ago I was approached via instagram to work on some branding for a couple of travelling bloggers! - INSTAGRAM! crazy right?! I could write a whole other post about the pros and cons social media but I'l refrain my ramble. Get Gone and Travel were an absolute pleasure to work with, and was so absurd thinking about how they are all the way across the pond in the States!

For their logo, they wanted something brush script, something in minty blues, and something that portrayed what Get Gone and Travel is all about. I started out using a Round Windsor & Newton Number 4 paintbrush, and black indian ink. I wanted to ensure the final outcome wouldn't become too polished and it still had the inky texture. I had quite a few practices as you can see below, and these were all the ones that didn't make the cut! 

Below is another commission specifically for hand type and watercolour texture. 

Mordern calligraphy seems to be becoming more and more of a trend, from wedding signs to hand written envelopes. It's definitely a skill I think is just extraordinary, especially in a day where kids in primary schools know how to use an iPad better than myself! Recently (about 30 days ago) I started a 100 day challenge, to write something in modern calligraphy every day, and record it on instagram. Funnily, finding something to write was never hard - apparently my head is swirling around with Homer Simpsons quotes - but trying to not be too precious about the look was something I found incredibly hard. The perfectionist in me couldn't quite let it go. The pens I've been practicing with have mainly been the Tombow Dual Brush, and the Tombow Fude.  

The dual tip, is fantastic! The brush end is so easy to control, one thing that helped me when I was initially practicing was to remember to have a light hand when drawing upstrokes and a heavy hand when drawing downward strokes. The small thin nib end, I rarely use - but I am only on Day 33 so there's time yet! The 100 day challenge is definitely improving my skills, I'm becoming more familiar of my style, and trying to break through what's safe. 

One thing I was a huge fan of was the ability to blend the colours! For these, I did not have a blending palette, but an old plastic CD case worked a dream.

The method was super simple, and usually worked better (in my case) when you started with a dark colour and then blended to a lighter colour. The technique is simple, and involves loading the darker brush pen ink onto the CD case, and then using the lighter coloured pen to soak up the dark pigment from the CD case - so much of you feels wrong for doing it, because it feels like you're ruining the brush, do not fear, you're not! - Below you can see a few from my #100daysofletteringchallenge. I have also added a few of my Copic Marker ones. Copic markers are totally not meant for calligraphy, but they are just so amazing to use. The flexibility and pigment feels some what similar to painting with watercolours, you can add so many layers and create such depth, so don't rule them out!